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Our services also include intensive revision courses to prepare for Brevet des Collègues and Baccalauréat exams, as well as written tests in the same conditions as the real exam, in: French, history and geography, economic and social science, mathematics, philosophy, physics…

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Fay ce que vouldras
(Do What Thou Wilt)

Thelema Courses has been called after the renowned “Thelema Utopia” written by French 16th century prominent writer François Rabelais,
in which the concept of free will prevails
Françoise Chassing

Founder of Thelema Courses
Mrs. Chassing is a highly qualified classical Humanities teacher, who worked as a teacher at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London (French primary and secondary school) for 20 years. She awarded the French “National Order of Merit” award and the French Academic Palms.