Our services include:

  • French Distance Learning Centre (CNED) programme

    Thelema Courses also delivers specific tutoring to students going through the French Distance Learning Centre (CNED) programme and more generally to those who need help with the primary school curriculum. Those courses are suitable for children enrolled in British schools who would like to attend a French schooling at the same time. We are committed to helping those students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus key points and teach them the fundamentals in spelling and grammar. Emphasis is also put on developing the student’s reading and writing skills so that he/she approaches secondary education with confidence.

    A good grasp of French is decisive for students to gain access to the French school of their choice.

    We are currently developing partnerships with a number of British schools with the aim of delivering our tutoring services in their facilities, which would be more convenient and less time-consuming for the student. Nevertheless, those courses can also take place in our classrooms.

  • CNED catch-up courses during holidays

    Your child struggles to get round to practicing French during the year. As holidays are the perfect time to close knowledge gaps, if any, your child gets the chance to be attentively and enthusiastically supervised by one of our experienced teachers.

  • French Club

    Children who would like to practice French or strengthen their knowledge of the basics in this language can also join our “French Club”.

    Indeed, we believe it is very important that children who have been raised in English speaking homes focus on French. As they attend our “French club”, children have the opportunity to meet their peers in an encouraging, French speaking surrounding and perfect their grasp of the French language through songs and nursery rhymes, games and reading.

    This club is suitable for children of all age. They will be dispatched in small groups depending on their level, under the supervision of experienced teachers.

    Our priority is to make sure that all the children get acquainted with the fundamentals of the French language. Thus, we center our efforts on phonetics, reading and memorization.

    As they practice French on a regular basis, children tend to gain confidence and speak in French more willingly than before.

    Please do contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional information on our projects.

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Our services also include intensive revision courses to prepare for Brevet des Collègues and Baccalauréat exams, as well as written tests in the same conditions as the real exam, in: French, history and geography, economic and social science, mathematics, philosophy, physics…

For further information on the timetable and terms, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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